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Skin Care Buzzwords You Should Know
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Skin Care Buzzwords You Should Know

By now, you’ve probably seen buzzwords like “all natural,” “hypoallergenic” and “patented” hundreds of times. But have you ever stopped to ask what they mean?

Words like these are loved by cosmetic industry as they claim real benefit that is not supported by any scientific research. FDA don’t interfere in companies marketing new products and need to prove their claim through research as long as these products have no affect on body functions and structure.

This doesn’t mean beauty products don’t fulfill their promises. However a sensible consumer will be vigilant for the following terms which often get the wrong impression.

“Patended” or “Patent pending”
Companies get the rights to manufacture new product via patents. But getting patent not always means that all the products produced by the company will work best for you.

“All Natural”
Often misconceived for organic or chemical free ingredients. Have you wonder chemicals are also natural.

There are different organic certification in different regions such as COSMOS and NaTrue in European Union and NASAA in Australia. According to USDA organic seal product must contain 95% organic food ingredients. The US department of Agriculture certifies organic food to be present in organic cosmetics but we see few traces of oil and plant essentials to be found in them.

It doesn’t guarantees that you won’t have any reactions. Products may contain some chemical composition for which you are allergic to like preservatives and fragrance.

“Dermatologically tested”
This term indicates a product has been tested on human skin before being available for purchase. Please note that there isn’t a standard test for this term so the method and depth of testing can vary greatly.

“Fragrance free”
To cover up the unpleasant odor of the chemical ingredients these products can contain some “masking” scents. Therefore you should look for “no fragrance added” products.

There is no guarantee that non-comedogenic product are completely oil free and doesn’t cause breakouts. Rather, non-comedogenic products may contain formulation that exaggerates acne.

“Paraben free”
Products that state they are paraben free mean they are preservative- free aka no nasties in your soaps, deodorants or moisturisers.

“Ferulic Acid”
Which is an antioxidant found in the cell walls of plants and the seeds of apples and oranges. It has an anti-ageing effect when applied topically.

“Retinol, Retin A, Tretinoin”
You’ve heard the names, but what do they mean? These are all Vitamin A derivatives. Some are prescription, some are sold over the counter. These are an awesome addition to nearly any skin care regimen because they promote cellular turnover.

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