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Olay Regenerist Review
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Olay Regenerist

Price 9.5/10
Anti Aging 8.0/10
Texture 9.0/10
Moisturizing 10.0/10
Packaging 5.0/10


  • Super moisturising with a velvety texture
  • More affordable than high end brands
  • Suitable for mature or very dry skin
  • Reduces fine lines and nasolabial folds
  • Works great as a makeup base


  • Leaves behind tiny shimmer on skin
  • Too thick and rich for acne prone
  • Avoid scented version
  • If skin is not exfoliated properly cream gathers small clumps
  • No dropper or applicator

Olay Regenerist comes packaged in an eye catching red and silver jar. The bright red packaging and silver lid gives it a “lux” appearance and will look really nice on your vanity.

No dropper or applicator is provided. What I dislike is that the cream comes in a jar. You will have to keep dipping your fingers in, which can allow contamination. The jar is also not the most suitable packaging to keep a cream’s active ingredients stable over time. I would have preferred a bottle with pump or an applicator stick to apply the cream.

The cream is a milky color. Although the texture looks thick and heavy however when I apply the cream to my face, neck and chest, it absorbs well. It does leave a small residue. There are tiny glitter dots in the cream. You can see it on your face if you really get up close. I was able to apply makeup directly on top of this cream. The cream creates a smoothing and hydrating base. After regular use of Olay Regenerist I find that I no longer need to use a makeup primer! My makeup now glides on smoothly over the top and actually seems to look and wear better with just the cream as a base.

If your skin is not cleaned or exfoliated properly it does gather small clumps as you are rubbing it in. The scented version has a pleasant standard “soapy” fragrance but some will find it a bit heavy. If you are have a sensitive nose avoid the scented version.

Long term effects? It will make your skin more firm, plump and taut. Improved the look of fine line and nasolabial folds. The cream is super hydrating. I’ve always struggled with dry spots. The cream did a great job of improving hydration to my dry spots without causing any blackheads or build up in the more oily areas such as the nose.

The biggest downside is the shimmer in the cream. Your face may end up looking sparkly in the light.

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